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How to hide forward information

When I make a call to a forwared phone my phone screen show me number to what this phone is fordwared.

It is possible to hide it?.

I use CCM 4.1.



Re: How to hide forward information


if you need this desperately, here is a quick and dirty solution: program a CTI route point, add a line where the DN equals to your phone number (of course, must be in a different partition), forward all calls from this CTI route point to your real phone number with a CSS in which there is only one partition, containing your phone line). In Plain English, you will have a setup where all calls to your phone number will hit that CTI route point (which is, of course, forwarded to your phone). Nothing is seen on your phone.

Of course, CTI Route point is just another device, if you assign it to a user, you can even manage it using the CCMUser interface.

I know it is not a perfect solution, but here we go...

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Re: How to hide forward information

I want to configure it for all phones in my net, not only for me.

If you know a best solution, why do you say me a bad solution?.

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