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How to install CME 10.0 files onto clean C2951 ISR flash file system?

I am building out a brand new C2951, to become the new VoIP server for my mid-size business.

I noticed that the CME 10.0 files are in .rar format, not a tarball like normal.   What is the process for decompressing the rar file and then copying the files from my tftp server onto the flash file system of the C2951 router?   Specifically what is the syntax for the commands that I need to issue from the C2951 router?

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just get winrar extract the

just get winrar extract the files to your TFTP server folder on your PC or Laptop and copy them 1 by 1 to the flash.

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How would I copy and entire

How would I copy and entire folder and it's contents to the flash, rather than each individual file?   What is the correct syntax?

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I am not aware of a way to

I am not aware of a way to copy an extracted folder via TFTP, but to avoid file-by-file transfer, you can archive the files into a .tar file using e.g. 7zip, copy the .tar to the router and then extract it onto the flash with the "archive tar /xtract" command.

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