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How to keep calls inside the line group?

Hi Everyone,

I am using CCM 4.2(3). I have configured a hunt group for a help desk environment. There are a total of 6 phones in the help desk, but often there will be 4 of them logged out of the hunt group. What I am finding is that using the longest idle algorithm, each phone can only take one call (even through the phones are configured not handle up to 10 calls). What this means is that if both IP phones are in a call (other phones logged out), and a 3rd call hits the hunt pilot, it basically busy and follows the route of "unanswered calls" which in this case is an emergency mobile.

I have experimented with using a circular queue. When I use this the second and third calls will appear on the phone, and will hunt through the phones. But there are two problems experienced. 1 - it does not seem to first look for idle phones. When there are two phones logged in, when one has an active call, the second call often appears on the phone with the active calls rather than a phone that is idle. 2. after trying to route the call to both logged in phones the call will be unanswered and be routed to the emergency mobile. I want

My desired call flow is:

1. calls are routed to the longest idle phone, however if there are no phones idle, it will continue to hunt through the phones (appearing as a second call on each phone in turn).

2. stay hunting through the logged in phones until such a time as the call is answered OR 90 seconds elapses - after which route the call to the emergency mobile.

3. ring on each logged in phone in the line group for 10 seconds before trying the next logged in phone.

4. if no phones are logged in route the call to the emergency mobile.

I know that this is complex, and I might be dreaming, but I was wondering if there are any global parameters that I can change to manipulate the behavior of the queuing algorithms.

Otherwise, can I consider creating several line groups. The first line group used in longest idle, with RNA of 10 seconds. The second line group is circular with an RNA of 20 seconds.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: How to keep calls inside the line group?

Hello Cameron,

Have you tried an Attendant Console Pilot Point? Attendant Console hunts will help you with this functionality, just use the Direct calls option; check the following link:

Hope it helps!

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