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How to? MoH @ Branch Router, IOS15, Multiple Streams


I can't find anything that says this can be done or gives an hint that configuration will support it.

On my CUCM (8.6), I am using multiple audio sources for Multicast MoH. The sources are divied up based on MRGL assignments within DN settings.

I would like to also stream multicast from flash at a branch router.

All of the examples and discussions I've seen show a single file being streamed.

I know that IOS 15 allows for 6 MoH sources (one "system" and 5 "group") to be streamed when the router is a CME router.

Can these multiple streaming resources be set up when CME is not being used?

I understand SRST has to be enabled no matter what; the thing I'm stuck on is if it's possible to differentiate source A from source B.

When configuration CUCME (9.1 on IOS 15.2(4)M), it is possible to group phones together and point them at a particular MoH source for that group, but when using router flash for getting multicast MoH to remote CUCM-controlled phones, the ephone information isn't in the router's there is nothing to assign to a group! it possible with IOS 15 in call-manager fallback mode to specify multiple MoH sources? If so, how do you do it, and align it to the source id CUCM presents to the IP phone through it's MRGL?

Thanks in advance

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How to? MoH @ Branch Router, IOS15, Multiple Streams


1- All MOH should be installed on your flash:

2-Your have to assign five multicast IP addresses to be used on your CME which are not used on your network.

3-Voice moh-group which identify the moh stream , as example below 1 ,2,3,4,5. Then configure multicast ip ,you can also define range of your extension

Please find the below example:-

telephony-service as you know (call-manger-fallback or can use telephony-service for many feature)


moh alaska.wav

Moh multicast port 16384 route

voice moh-group 1

description this moh group is for sales

moh flash:/

multicast moh port 16386 route

extension-range 1000 to 1999

extension-range 2000 to 2999

extension-range 3000 to 3999

extension-range A1000 to A1999

voice moh-group 2

description (not configured)

moh flash1:/

multicast moh port 2000

extension-range 7000 to 7999

extension-range 8000 to 8999

voice moh-group 3

description This is for marketing

moh flash2:/

multicast moh port 3000

extension-range 9000 to 9999

voice moh-group 4

description (not configured)

moh flash:/audio/

multicast moh port 4000

extension-range 10000 to 19999

voice moh-group 5

description (not configured)

moh flash:/flower.wav

multicast moh port 5000

extension-range 0012 to 0024

extension-range 0934 to 0964

Thank you

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How to? MoH @ Branch Router, IOS15, Multiple Streams

Here is the point I am confused on: If the phones are controlled/provisioned by CUCM, how does the router know what extension is in what group? Under CUCME or CUCME+SRST, the router knows extension numbers because of SCCP or SNAP. When the phones are controlled by CUCM, the router is just a... router. It has no intelligence about the phones. So, in effect, MoH on a branch router simply turns the router into a multicast transmitter.

Here is what I am thinking, after reading more documentation... I can't lab it yet, but if you or someone else can confirm this will work or not, I would appreciate it.

Under "Restrictions" at it says : "

Each MOH group must contain a unique flash media file name, extension numbers, and multicast destination. ....."

But, Step 7 (the extenstion-range command) is listed as optional :

"(Optional) Identifies MOH callers calling the extension numbers specified in a MOH group. Extension number must be in hexadecimal digits (0-9) or (A-F). Both extension numbers (starting extension and ending extension) must contain equal number of digits. Repeat this command to add additional extension ranges."

What that says to me is that the extension ranges are not required, and that basically I can configure 5 groups (in addition to the system default source) with Multicast IP & Port numbers that match what CUCM will tell the phones, and it will work from there.

Is that accurate?


How to? MoH @ Branch Router, IOS15, Multiple Streams


so you problem how can you recoginize the ephone-dn?. This problem you have , because you have call-manager-fallback/ If you us Telephony-service you can manage all extenions , because after the fallback all phones will be found on the show with dn. After that you can control.Use as the below , and test;-


sdspfarm units 3

sdspfarm transcode sessions 4

sdspfarm tag 1 SC_MTP

sdspfarm tag 2 SC_Xcoder

srst mode auto-provision all

srst ephone template 1

srst dn template 1

srst dn line-mode octo

max-ephones 10

max-dn 10

ip source-address  port 2000

time-zone 42

time-format 24

voicemail 2200

mwi relay

max-conferences 8 gain -6


transfer-system full-consult

transfer-pattern .T

create cnf-files

Thank you

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