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How to monitor E1 channel usage on voice gateway ?


I have a 2811 acting as a voice gateway.

Is it possible to get syslog messages or snmp traps, when all 30 channels are in use ?

  Is there any easy way to get alerted when I am reaching capacity ?

I know that it MAY be possible to wirte TCL scripts etc and schedule them in kron to check status at regular intervals, and send alerts etc.

    But I am certain that there must be an easier solution.



Re: How to monitor E1 channel usage on voice gateway ?

Which voice product are you using?

If it is CUCM you can use RTMT to generate alerts by email when a certain number of channels are in use.

William Bell has written a great article on setting up alerts for PRI channel usage using RTMT at the link below:

New Member

Re: How to monitor E1 channel usage on voice gateway ?

Thanks, but I am using the 2811 purely as a VG, with incoming calls being handled by scripts (TCL/VXML) on the

router itself.

I have seen PERL scripts that telnet into the router and run show commands perodically, and then the output

can be processed on a server, and alerts sent etc.

  But this is not something I can run.. I need something on the router itself.

There is also mention of SNMP traps that give info on PRI channel usage on another cisco devices,

but they do not seem to work on 2811 and other ISR routers.

In theory, I could run a TCL script perodically on the router to poll it, but I fear that it is too resource intensive.


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