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How to provision PRI line for Voice Service (2921 VG / VWIC3-2MFT-T1/E1)

Hello all,

I have a Technical Assurance Call (TAC) with AT&T to provision a PRI line for voice service.
The PRI will be connected to a 2921 Voice Gateway (VWIC3-2MFT-T1/E1), which will server as VG for a Call Manager.
My question is, as a customer what information do I need to give to AT&T in order for them to provision the PRI line correctly.  I just want to be ready to provide all the answers to the questions AT&T will have.

Also, AT&T has a Prep Form, and there are some questions about the line provisioning, that I'm not sure how to answer:

1. Indicate if ADL is ordered:  an ASOC is required for ADL with either DID or 8YY

2. Does the customer have a CSU/DSU?  (Does module VWIC3-2MFT-T1/E1 have an integrated CSU/DSU???)

3. Signaling: from AT&T network to the Customer's equipment

     a. DTMF Wink (Dual Tone, Multi-Frequency wink with digits) required for DNIS

     b. ICOPNOP (No digits, Wink start)

     c. MIOPNOP (No digits, Immediate)

     d. DP/IMMED (dial pulse, immediate start (OK with DNIS)

4. Signaling: from the customer Equipment to AT&T Network

     a. DTMF Wink (Dial Tone, Multi-Frequency wink with digits)

     b. DTS (Dial Tone Start - Immediate)

5. T1.5 Framing Format

     a. ESF

     b. D4

6. Line Coding

     a. B8ZS

     b. Zero Code Suppression/AMI

7. Can your equipment handle 4 wire E&M signaling supervision capability

     Yes or No?

8. Channelization (Please confirm how the 24 Channels should look)

Please help me answer the above questions!

Thank you in advance for all the help!!!


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Re: How to provision PRI line for Voice Service (2921 VG / VWIC3

These questions you have received are for CAS, not PRI. Tell telco to send you the PRI questions (not difficult to answer)

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