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How to recover a deleted voice gateway

Is there a way to recover a deleted voice gateway Cisco Unified Call Manager ver 7.1.5 without having to restore the entire server? This voice gateway was configured on the publisher server.

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You can't recover a gateway

You can't recover a gateway config in CUCM without restoring the entire server. Probably will be easier to just rebuild that gateway, only takes a few minutes. Depending on the type (MGCP/H323/SIP) you can look at the Show Run of the gateway config to see how the gateway should be set up in CUCM.



kkoeper12 is correct, it

kkoeper12 is correct, it would be much easier to rebuild the gateway manually, it would only take a matter of minutes.


However, if you wanted to geek out you could perform the following:

- Build a new 7.1.5 server in a VM inside an isolated network

- Restore new the 7.1.5 server from your production UCM backup

- Bulk export the gateways from the VM UCM

- Delete all of the unneeded gateways out of the .CSV bulk export

- Import the gateway into your production system.


The setback of this method is that it is going to take you 8 hours...

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