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How To Recover Directory Manager Password

I'm working on a client AVVID and they don't have the DC directory manager password. I see the encrypted version in the .ini file. How can one recover this?

Thanks! CCM version 4.0


Re: How To Recover Directory Manager Password

The CCMPWDChanger tool is used to change the passwords for Directory Manager, CCMSysUser, CCMAdministrator, and IPMASysUser. Sometimes it is required that a user changes the password before they use the AdminUtility to synchronize the password. In order to run CCMPWDChanger from the Cisco CallManager, choose Start > Run, type CCMPWDChanger and press Enter. When you launch this tool, it would ask you to login using the Local Administrator login.

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Re: How To Recover Directory Manager Password

For this tool, you have to know the password to change it. The first step is to enter the correct Directory Manager password. I don't think this will help.



Re: How To Recover Directory Manager Password

Well, the most simple option for that is to open a TAC case and provide them with the encrypted value, which can be used to get the actual value.

Also, there is a trial and error method available, where you can run the "PasswordUtils" and type the password you believe it should be and check the encrypted value with the one you typed.



This should give you a hex value, copy this value and go into the registry and enter it

for the following values for all servers in the cluster.


HKEYLocalMachine>Software>Cisco SystemsInc>Directory Configuration.



I'd not recommend using the 3rd option until and unless necessary as if you have any other Application, like IPCC, using Directory Manager account to authenticate, it would cause the software to fail.

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Re: How To Recover Directory Manager Password

Thanks! I do like the TAC solution and will go that route. I wonder if someone knows of another method?

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