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how to remove users from unity


When our sysytem was setup the reception phones were registered to indiviual users. This has caused a number of problems as the receptionists tend to move from Dept to Dept in our organisation and it messes up the voicemail ext numbers in the unity vociemail system.

I have now setup straight reception phones for each area ( also in active directory) but i want to be able to delete the voicemail accounts for the users who used to be assigned the reception phones. They are still active in the active directory and I cannot disable them

Our CISCO sync's with our active directory

is there any way this can be done


Re: how to remove users from unity

Are you using CUCM Business Edition? CUCM with Unity Connection? Or CUCM with standard Unity?

Let me know and we'll go from there.


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Re: how to remove users from unity

We are using

Cisco Unified CM Administration

System version:


Cisco Unity Connection Administration


Re: how to remove users from unity

User deletion behavior is different when Connection or Cisco Unified CMBE is integrated with an LDAP directory:

If Connection is integrated with an LDAP directory, you must delete the user both in the LDAP directory and in Connection. If you delete the user only in Connection, the LDAP user is unaffected. If you delete the user only in the LDAP directory, in Connection Administration, the Status area on the Edit User Basics page for that user indicates that the Connection user is inactive. The status cannot be changed manually, but after 48 hours, the user is automatically converted to a regular Connection user, and the message in the Status area no longer appears.

Connection functionality is mostly unaffected by the deletion of an LDAP user. However, if you use LDAP authentication for Connection web applications or for IMAP access to Connection voice messages, the user cannot access Connection web applications for the 48 hours after the LDAP user is deleted and before the Connection user is converted to a regular Connection user. After 48 hours, you must enter a new web application password for the user in Connection Administration.

If Cisco Unified CMBE is integrated with an LDAP directory, you must start by deleting the LDAP user that corresponds with the Connection user. When Cisco Unified CM data is next synchronized with the LDAP directory, the user is deleted from the Cisco Unified CM database. When the user no longer appears in Cisco Unified CM Administration, you can use Connection Administration to delete the user from the Connection database.

Note If LDAP synchronization is not enabled and if you do not manually synchronize Cisco Unified CM data with the LDAP directory, the deletion of an LDAP user is never replicated to the Cisco Unified CM database, and the corresponding Connection user cannot be deleted.

To Delete an Individual User Account in Cisco Unity Connection Administration

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, click Users.

Step 2 On the Search Users page, click the alias of the user account that you want to delete.

Note If the user does not appear in the search results table, set the applicable parameters in the search fields at the top of the page, and click Find.

Step 3 Click Delete Selected.

Step 4 In the dialog box that opens, asking you to confirm the deletion, click OK.


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