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How to report on DID performance

We have many DIDs used by marketing that come into CM and then have a translation pattern applied to get the call to its destination.

However, the CDR data shows the translation pattern, not the DNIS.  What I am doing wrong, we use a third party call accounting system for reporting, and the forums seem to imply using the OriginalCalledPartyNumber, however that value is incorrect as well.


Seems strange that the system cannot keep track of the DNIS for a call or how someone would report on that data.

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Have you used CAR to see if

Have you used CAR to see if you get the same results?



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yes. when i could not find

yes. when i could not find the calls i went to the CAR and searched. that is when i saw how it was using the translation pattern at the dnis and not the real dnis.  which to me seems really odd since i have no idea how anyone with 4 digit dialing and using translation patterns woild ever be able to report on dnis numbers since they are all translated in some form, unless i am missing something major. 

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