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How to route some incoming calls to different AA in Unity Connection

Hello, we have a centralized scenario with CCM cluster (5.1.2) and Unity Connecion (2.1), and 5 branch office configured with SRST function in case of WAN link down. Each branch office has a gateway (PRI) configured with H323 protocol to communicate with the cluster. When a call incomes into a branch office gateway I do a translation pattern to convert the public number to the extension we want to reach (DID), and the main number is translated to the voice mail pilot (9000) to reach Automatic Attendant (AA). Then there is a dail-peer to reach the CCM.

I would like to configure 5 AA in Unity Connection (one for each branch office), but when I configure direct routing rules in Unity Connection with the dialed number equals to the main number of each PRI it doesn't work (I suppose Unity Connections takes as dialed number the number translated, 9000), so I have no way to view any difference between all main numbers of branch offices. How could I implement that scenario? Are there any manuals explaining it in detail?

Thanks. Regards.

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