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How to setup VG for incoming calls

I am currently using MGCP on CCM 5.1 to handle all outbound calls through the VG fxo cards. That part works fine. I am unable to get incoming calls to my IP phone. Could someone help me with some assistance maybe something I am missing on the VG. Currently I have a PLAR statement on the Voice Port that matches the actual extension on the PBX and I changed my DN on my IP phone to this extension as well. I beleive that there has to be a PSTN ext to IP DN number match. Is this correct or can I have say ext. 35714 ring on an IP phone with a DN of 3000?

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Re: How to setup VG for incoming calls

WOW fast responeses this is supposed to be a forum where we can get answers? What a waste of time. You should just shut this down now. Watch I bet this gets answered or deleted

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