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How to use BAT to create new users for self-provisioning?

We're on CUCM 10.  Can someone please describe how to use BAT (or any other method relevant to this) to create a new group of users that can use self-provisioning?  The goal is to add a bunch of phones that can automatically be assigned a temporary DN when the phone is plugged in (taken care of with auto-registration), then the user can log in to the phone using self provisioning.   I can do this manaully one by one and it works fine, but so far I can't figure out how to use BAT or some other way to add large groups of users that will be able to use self-provisioning. 



The way I did this is using

The way I did this is using the LDAP integration.  On the LDAP Directory settings, you can have it apply a template to the users to enable self-provisioning and also create a DN for them automatically and make it their primary extension.  You can use a pool of numbers there or pull in the telephone number for each user from AD and have it use the mask to make a matching DN.


Thanks.  Hopefully there's a

Thanks.  Hopefully there's a way to do this without LDAP integration.   The snag I keep running into is not being able to associate the 'Primary Extension' with the user when I do an Insert Users job using BAT.   Even if I type in the ext number into the 'Primary Extension' field on the BAT spreadsheet that gets uploaded.  After the BAT job runs, when I go look at the user created from that job, I see everything as it should be with the exception of the Primary Extension.   On the End User page, when I look at the 'Directory Number Associations' section, the Primary Extension Numebr is missing (set to None), even though I added it on the spreadsheet/BAT.  If I can get that primary extension to be set correctly with the BAT job I do to create the new users, I think I would be in good shape.  

Yea, the primary extension is

Yea, the primary extension is key for the self-provisioning to work.  You can do it one by one under the Quick User/Phone Add menu.  The only bulk method I tried was using LDAP.  I was able to write a SQL insert statement to add the primary extension mnaully to a user but that would be a pain to script it out for all your users.  I'd set the Bulk Provisioning Service logs to Detailed/Debug and then run the BAT import again and pull the BPS logs using RTMT to see what's happening internally when it tries to set the Primary Extension for each user.


Where do I make the change

Where do I make the change (detailed/debug) for the BPS service?  And where in RTMT do I go then to see the logs?   Sorry, some of this is new to me.

You turn up the logs on the

You turn up the logs on the webpage under Unified Serviceability->Trace->Configuration->Select publisher->Database and Admin Services->Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service.


You collect the logs in RTMT under Trace&Log Collection->Collect Files-> Select Bulk Provisioning Service (may be on first or 2nd page) then you just put a time range and a destination folder on your PC.


Thanks.  I just found that

Thanks.  I just found that and was about to reply before you did.....I'll give it a try and see what I can find in the logs.  


I have to leave soon so I may

I have to leave soon so I may have to pick this again again tomorrow.  I did try it again and I saw this in the log.  It's the only thing that looks relevant.  This is related to the number I put in the spreadsheet for BAT that was supposed to be the primary extension, 55122.   I assumed the system would automatically create it, because that's how the 'quick user/phone add' works (it automatically creates that number as the primary extension when you add it in the quick user/phone add.   Apparently using the User tab of the BAT spreadsheet won't work the same way (putting that number in the primary extension field).   

"WARNING : PRIMARY EXTENSION : 55122 does not exist. If all other values in the CSV are correct, then user will be inserted/updated without primary extension."

Anyway, at least now I have an indication of what the system is complaining about when I try to add the new user/extension via BAT for use with self-provisioning.   But I don't know what to do about it yet :-)  

Yea, unfortunately the user

Yea, unfortunately the user Import in BAT won't auto-create the DNs based on a line template like how the Quick User/Phone Add works.  I'd use BAT to import all the DNs first and then run the user import again.  That should do the trick.


So, would it be the 'Add

So, would it be the 'Add Lines' tab on the BAT excel spreadsheet that I need to use?  Somehow associate the new DN's/Lines I'm adding with one of the Universal Line Templates that already exists in the system (one I've already created)?  

These are the 3 mandatory fields on the 'Add Lines' tab.  Would I put my Universal Line Template in the Device Name field? (User Device Profile selected on the sheet instead of Phone)   What about the 'Line Index 1'?  What would that be?  Directory number is obvious :-)

MAC Address\Device Name 
(String[50] MANDATORY)
Line Index 1
Directory Number 1

I'm not sure if we'll be able

I'm not sure if we'll be able to build the directory numbers off of the existing line template.


The Add Lines tab is usually for adding lines to an existing device.  I don't think that option is going to work.  What you could probably do is create a single unassigned DN using the Quick User/Phone Add and the existing line template then fo under Bulk Administration->Import/Export->Export and choose Direcory Number (unassigned).  Once you have that file, I'd try making similar rows for all the other directory numbers you need to add and then Import them using under the Import/Export->Import menu.


After that, you would then be able to run the user update.


Bummer.  I went to Bulk Admin

Bummer.  I went to Bulk Admin > Users > Export Users and exported 'all user format' for the user I added via Quick User/Phone add (the one that looked good and had the primary ext showing up).   I downloaded that file and edited the extension number to be what I wanted (had to remove any mention of 'null' also or the insert bat job failed)...saved as csv, went to Bulk Admin > Users > Insert Users and used that edited file to do the add of the new user.  I checked the job status and it was successful.  I look at the user and sure enough, the primary extension is still not associated with the new user.  This is sort of frustrating :-)   Do you think Cisco TAC would be willing to help?  We do have maintenance.  

Yea, exporting and importing

Yea, exporting and importing users isn't going to work until you somehow get those directory numbers imported.

TAC may be able to help with this.  I used to be a TAC engineer and this definitely isn't too outside the scope of what we normally work on,


Thanks.  I created a ticket

Thanks.  I created a ticket using this discussion so they can see what was already discussed.  

Surely there has to be some way to get this to work on a bulk scale.  Otherwise the self provision feature won't be as useful as I thought.  

I even went in and created the DN in the system first, so it would already exist before trying the BAT jobs that referenced the DN in question to be used as the primary extension.   No matter what I try so far, I can't get the system to show the entry in the Primary Extension field for the new user.  It always shows as None and with no options to select when you click the dropdown box.  My hope is that we can somehow make it work on a bulk scale the same way it works using the single Quick User/Phone Add..  


I just saw this in Cisco's

I just saw this in Cisco's docs for Self_Provisioning.  I'm going to dig into this a little more now...


The first four steps show how to add users, how to configure User Profile and associate the UDT and ULT, how to create a FGT, and how to synchronize LDAP users. If you are adding users manually or using BAT, perform steps 1 and 2 where you must create a User Profile with appropriate UDT and ULT and associate the User Profiles to particular users.

Update:.  I just read that a little closer and I think it still doesn't solve my problem.   I'll try it a few ways, but the problem I've been having is getting BAT to make it so the newly created user is associated with a 'primary extension'.  I'll play around with it some more, but I think this was a false hope...but at least it acknowledges using BAT to setup users for self-provisioning.  

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