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HP Hardware compatible with CUCM

I have a rather complex issue which I will attempt to explain.

We are currently running Call Manager version on servers that we bought from Cisco (i.e. HP hardware, Cisco Green in color, and with Cisco Logos, etc.)

The units we have are part number: Cisco MCS 7825-H2-IPC2.

We have 2 units (publisher and subscriber) and our subscriber has been randomly rebooting for several months. TAC is of the opinion that we have a hard disk problem and wants us to tear down the subscriber, install new hard drives and then rebuild the subscriber.

Obviously this will cause an outage which we would rather avoid if at all possible. My proposed solution was to purchase a new server from HP (way less expensive without the Cisco Logo) build a second subscriber and then remove the bad subscriber without disrupting service.

Now to further complicate things my hardware supplier (Insight) is telling me that the DL320-G4 is no longer available for purchase and I have found contradictory information on Cisco's web site as to which box would allow us to install CCM 5.12 on it.

And to even make it more confusing we anticipate upgrading to CCM 7.12 in the very near future and we have been told that our existing hardware will work for CCM 7.1x. Everything I see tells me that my current hardware will not support 7.1x.

I am looking for a Cisco source that can definitively tell a) which hardware I should buy to help me accommodate the repairs in the immediate future AND b) clarify whether my existing hardware will in fact support 7.1x

As I previously stated my Cisco VAR and my hardware supplier have sent me links from Cisco that contain documents that try to cover every possible scenario and in trying to do so they muddy the water so badly that I cannot understand them.

Any assistance is appreciated.


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Re: HP Hardware compatible with CUCM

Hi Brian,

I don't want to muddy the waters any further here, but I thought that this may help. This is the "master" list for Server support, which does show support for your existing boxes in CUCM 7.1(x);

Supported Cisco Unified Communications Manager Releases by Server

One other note, you need to keep in mind that Servers within a Cluster do not need to match. So you can use a mix of 7825,7835,7845 models within the Cluster.

Hope this helps!


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