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Hung hunt-group member

I'll do my best to try and explain what is happening...

The customer started out with a 7920 as a member of a hunt-group, along with a few other extension.

The 7920 went bad and they decided to replace. They moved the ephone-dn to the replacement 7920. Remeber, the -dn is still a memebr of the hunt-group as well. So, when they went to test the hunt-group the replacement 7920 with the old -dn didn't ring. The 7920 will go into dnd, but when you take it out of dnd it displays logged out of hunt-group. I tried moving the -dn to another phone as well as back to the original 7920 amd get the same results.

A show hunt-group also shows that particular extension as logged out. Since there is a member of the hunt-group logged out, I can't even remove the -dn from the hunt-group.

I've search through the config and don't see the -dn assiged to any other device.

Is there a way to clear or reset the -dn's hunt-group dial-peer, or force it to login.

Short of rebooting the router, I'm stuck



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Re: Hung hunt-group member

Reboot time. Good occasion for uprade, also.

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Re: Hung hunt-group member


Any word yet on how the 12-4-11.XW7 is treating people?

Thanks again as always!

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Re: Hung hunt-group member

I have some XW7 installs. No trouble reports.

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Re: Hung hunt-group member

Great! Thanks again!

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