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Hunt Group Fallback

We are running CUCM v9 and are trying to set up the following configuration:

  • A heldesk hunt group which every phone in the company can log in and out of as they need
  • When a call comes into the helpdesk hunt group and is not answered for 20 seconds the call gets diverted to ALL phones in the company as a fallback from helpdesk
    • This call to ALL other phones cannot be a shared DN

Any ideas on how I can implement this? I've been racking my brain for hours. I first though of two separate hunt groups but realised that you can't log in and out of individual hunt groups, its either all or nothing. Then I was thinking group pickup??


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Create hunt pilot, point to

Create hunt pilot, point to new hunt group, in the hunt group point to 2 new line groups, where line group one points to all phones in longest idle or top down fashion, and the second is defined as broadcast.

On the hunt pilot setup call forwarding to the desired destination and setup the hunt timer as desired.


And to satisfy the first

And to satisfy the first bullet point, you can put an Hlog softkey on everyone's phone so they can log in and out of hunt groups.

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The problem with that is if

The problem with that is if someone logs out of the hunt group then they will not receive any calls the second time round. Basically what we want is:

Ring phones logged into hunt group

*If no answer for 30 seconds*

Ring all other company phones



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