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Hunt Group Issue - DN being skipped over


I am trying to set up a Hunt Group which hunts, top down, to four different extensions (A,B,C,D).

This is working as expected apart from one particular extenstion...C. When start or middle of the Line Group this extension gets skipped over completely even though the user is logged into their phone and direct calls to that extension get through fine. When C gets put to the end of the Hunt Group the call gets terminated rather than the extension ringing with a "Line Busy" message.

I have checked the Directory Number and Extension Mobility Profile settings of extension C against those that do work (A,B,D) and I believe everything is set the same...I can see no obvious reasons why C will not ring. I have also checked with the user that no DND/call forwards are set up. I have also created an entirely new Directory Number and associated it with user C's EM-Profile...the same thing happens.

Am I potentially missing something here? For the life of me cannot see why this is happening.



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Hunt Group Issue - DN being skipped over


Two things come to mind..

1. Does the user have HLOG softkey? If so perhaps the user has accidentally logged out of the hunt group

2. Have you tried logout/login back to EM?

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Hunt Group Issue - DN being skipped over


It doesn't look like the user has logged out of the hunt group and they have logged out/into EM. Calls are still not getting through on the HG.


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