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hunt group login 5.1

i have hunt group login softkey configured on my 4.2 system. i cannot however find anything for the option of logging in or out of a hunt in either 5.0 or 5.1

any pointers would be greatly appreciated

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Re: hunt group login 5.1

Hi Arvind,

Hope things are going well for you! Sadly this feature is not available in the 5.x CCM Train, it is only in the 4.2/4.3 and 6.x versions. Have a look at these release notes;

Release Notes for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 4.2(1)

Release Notes for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 6.0(1)

You will not see this feature in the 5.0 or 5.1 release notes :(

When looking at CCM features it is good to remember that CCM 5.x is based on CCM 4.1 and CCM 6.x is based on CCM 4.2. In these builds the feature sets are comparable.

Hope this helps!



Re: hunt group login 5.1

hey rob,

business is going good but its a never ending learning experience :). we are about to do an upgrade from 4.2 to 5.1 and that hunt group question came out of a meeting. its gonna be tough telling the customer that 5.1 doesnt offer it but ill try and play it down some :)

thanks in advance as always.

PS. personally i think its kinda bad that a customer upgrades and loses features. i understand its based on different 4.x versions but still, 5.x or any other higher release should have all the features on ALL 3.x and 4.X versions 2cents :)

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Re: hunt group login 5.1

Hey Arvind,

It is odd that these features don't always carry over from version to version :( I'm curious what feature set the customer is looking for in the 5.x upgrade?

I think that many people will skip directly to 6.x from 4.2 so that they don't face this type of issue. It does seem like a reasonable plan.

Take care and best of luck!



Re: hunt group login 5.1

this is a revamp on thier entire IPT system that was in the works for about a year now. final proposal sent was 5.1 and 6.0 was not even considered really (My poor planning). the main features the customer was looking at was SIP end point integrations and they currently have LCS and wanted to integrate with the IPT, hence the 5.1

initially, the project was to simply add about 150 more phones but that turned around in a complete re-vamp.

anywayz, ill take it in stride, and as for the hunt login, for thier environment, ill just show the admins how to change a DN from one line group to the other (that will fix that issue).

again, thanks and keep in touch.

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Re: hunt group login 5.1

I am not sure realize that there is no upgrade path from 4.2 to 5.1. Your only upgrade possibility is to go to 6.X.

Version 5.X was based on CM 4.1 train, and does not have any of the 4.2 features, hence there is no upgrade possible. If you want to go to 5.1 you will need to completely rebuild your system.



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Re: hunt group login 5.1

Hi Chris/Arvind

OMG! So sorry Arvind I wasn't thinking this through at all :( but Chris certainly is (5 points for your great catch Chris) CCM 4.2 cannot be upgraded to any release in the 5.x train;

Compatability Matrix;!A26

Here is another thread with confirmation from Mahesh @ Cisco that 4.2 to 5.x is not supported;

Hope this helps! I don't know why this info is so hard to find, but 4.2 will only be able to be upgraded to the 6.x train!


PS: Again, my apologies for missing this most important fact in our previous conversation :(


Re: hunt group login 5.1


dont worry about it. chris thanks for the look out. i know there isnt an upgrade path from 4.2 to 5.1. its a long story as to why they are going this route instead of 6.0.

in summary, thier first provider put in IPT and never completed it as well as there were many instabilities with the system. the customer chose not to go with 6 since he felt that he didnt want to run into any unforseen circumstances as well as more over justify to his Financial ppl why this solution isnt working for them for the past two years or so.

this is where we came in and based on this we recomended 5.1 (told them about the NO upgrdae path). this was not a big issue since the IPT in existence was very small and more or less "botched" so he wanted a clean install anyways.

im summary, im just trying to find out all there is to ensure that we dont give the customer a raw deal again. as for the hunt, the customer never used it really, but they have a lot of persons moving through the branches. im enabling EM but i didnt have a clear pitcure as to how to associate the user to a hunt in that temporary location ( other than changing the line group association). we were basically looking for as much transparency as possible.

thanks again Rob and Chris for all the great assistance.