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Hunt Group, Music on hold

We are migrating from a Nortel PBX and Symposium contact center to cisco IPT (UCM 7.13, Unity Connection 7.1) and Cisco contact center enterprise .

We have lots of different business units, for which all the support lines for each are tied to Symposium (so each business units staff are "agents" on the symposium contact center).

In the new world, we are only moving three of the business units to the UCCE contact center, and the rest of the support lines I have to deal with via hunt groups.  My goal is to 'emulate' the current behavior as much as possible.  I need to solve below.

Current support lines that need to turn into hunt groups today have below behavior (I purposely left out some components that I know cisco can hande via UCM and Unity Connection (i.e. time of day, holiday checks etc..)

Call comes in, system checks to if agents are logged in.  If agents logged in, plays initial greeting and sends to queue with music on hold.  If not agents are logged in, send to a voicemail box.

FYI, with Cisco I can "emulate" agents logged in via extension mobility so that's not an issue.  It's only music on hold while call cycling through hunt group (instead of caller hearing ringing).

With Cisco, is there a way to get music on hold to caller while the call is cycling through the hunt group.  for example, if I send call first to Unity Connection, play a prompt can I use something like supervised transfer  to hung group pilot and have have MOH played while call is cycling through hunt group members (call being "supervised" by Unity conneciton).

Note, I read a work around from another post using Attendant console.  We don't want to go that route as the free AC will not be supported in UCM 8 (per Cisco SE).  Also, we don't want each of these hunt group members to have to have the AC gui app open and running (these users already have to many apps they use).

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Hunt Group, Music on hold


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