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Hunt group problem with Time of day partitions

Hi all, hope you can help with this one.

I have a hunt group set up with 5 phones which all works fine. When a call does not get answered, it diverts to a voicemail box on Unity (again works fine). What i need is at 9pm at night until 8am the next morning (7days a week), is for the calls to that hunt group to be diverted to another off net number.

I have set up time of day partitions and a dummy phone with a permanent divert to the off net number. Now if i dial the phones DN it works (obviously within the time set in the time of day settings). However when i add this dummy phone to a hunt group, it does not work. I have also noticed that if you put a divert on any other phone in the hunt group, it will still hunt to that phone (completely ignoring the "forward all" settings on the line).

I am running CCM 4.2(1)

Can anyone help me....please.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Hunt group problem with Time of day partitions

Hi Gary,

Have a look at the following which describes how the Call Forward settings on individual Hunt member phones are ignored. I'm not exactly sure how to accomplish what you are looking for, but I thought this might steer you in a different direction. I think you will have to try working with the Hunt Pilot or perhaps the "Always Route Member" to the Dummy phone?;

The concept of hunting differs from that of call forwarding. Hunting allows Cisco CallManager to extend a call to one or more lists of numbers, where each such list can specify a hunting order that is chosen from a fixed set of algorithms. When a call extends to a hunt party from these lists and the party fails to answer or is busy, hunting resumes with the next hunt party. (The next hunt party varies depending on the current hunt algorithm.) Hunting thus ignores the Call Forward No Answer (CFNA) or Call Forward Busy (CFB) settings for the attempted party. This also applies to CFWD ALL settings.

From this doc;

Time of day Routing;

Note: TOD settings comes into effect when the lines are included in a Hunt List. The settings only apply to the Hunt Pilot and not to the lines within that Hunt List.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Hunt group problem with Time of day partitions

Hi Rob,

thanks for the reply. The documents were usefull and gave me a better understanding of Call frowarding and Hunt Groups.

However it still leaves me with the problem that i need to combine a Hunt group with some form of TOD routing.

I'll try to explain what i am trying to achieve to see if you or anyone else can give me any ideas.

Basically i have a group of support staff who need to be a member of a hunt group. If for some reason a call is not answered during working hours, it should be diverted to a voice mail box. However, after hours, when all users go home, i would like the calls to be diverted to an out of hours number on the PSTN.

If anyone has any ideas on this. I would be very gratefull if you could help in any way. I may be going about this in completely the wrong way, so feel free suggest anything else.

Many thanks,


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