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Hunt Group unavailable members

We have a hunt group that utilizes the attendant console for control. The hunt group is set to try 6 users then goto a general VM box. My issue is that when it tries a user it is going to there personal VM and not continuing down the hunt group. What am I doing wrong?


Re: Hunt Group unavailable members

In the hunt group, you should use a second line, not their primary. If you use the primary, after the x rings, it will roll to Unity with the last digit it tried.

If you were to use a second line and have the following configured:

Hunt group Pilot number 4000

Member #1 4001

Member #2 4002

Member #3 4003

In unity, create the VM box with 4000, but setup Alternate Extensions 4001, 4002, 4003. This way, if the line roles to VM on any of the Members second line, Unity will "see" any digits from 4000-4003 and route it the group mailbox.

make sense?


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Re: Hunt Group unavailable members

It does make sense. So there is no way to integrate console attendant into a Hunt Pilot configuration? Another words the Hunt Pilot, Hunt List and Line Groups do offer me the abilility to utilize primary extentions but the console attandent has no control over there membership in the hunt group. My issue is that a few phones I will be hunting to are 7940's with 2 extentions on them already so I am needing to utilize primary ext's.

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Re: Hunt Group unavailable members


You above explanation is a bit confusing but this is what you can do. I

If you use the Attendant Console, you can create a Pilot Point and add the extensions to the Hunt Group. You create another extension which forward all calls to voicemail(don't forget to create a voicemail account in Unity) and you add it at the end of the Hunt Group and check the "Always Route Member" option. What it does is that it rings all the extensions and at the end send the call to the extension that is forwarded to VM.

If you don't want to use the Attendant Console, you can do so using Hunt Pilots.They have two options "Forward Hunt No Answer" and "Forward Hunt Busy" that you can set with an extension that forward all the calls to voicemal. Just make sure to add the Hunt Pilot as an alternate extension in Unity when configuring the voicemal.

Let me know if it helps.

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