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Hunt Groups and call pickup

There are five extensions within a Hunt Group. One of the users wants to pickup the call before it cycles around to the hunt group to her extension number. Is she able to use call pickup to do this?


Re: Hunt Groups and call pickup


There is a defect that may be of interest.  I have seen this floating around the netpro forum from time to time.

See this kb:

The idea is you modify the Enterprise Parameter Cisco Support Use 1 and add the value CSCsb42763.

While the KB is focused on 4x, this fix has been viable for 5x/6x/7x.  My understanding is that this feature existed at one time and then was removed from the code.  Customers complained, and a workaround was created.  Sort of an easter egg?  There is a good thread and discussion from Rob Huffman on this here:

Anyway, you may want to test this out to see if it fits the need.  I myself have not tested this on a 7x version.



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HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Hunt Groups and call pickup

Bill is correct that is the code you put in the service parameter field. I opened a TAC case on this a while ago and it matches with what I have. It does work with 7.x as I am on 7.1.3. The nice thing is, after you put that in there another input box shows up in case you ever need to add another one in the future. When I was on version 4 that was not the case.

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