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Hunt Pilot Alerting Name displayed on Caller ID

We recently upgraded from UC 7.1.5 to 9.1 and have found that the Hunt Pilot Alerting Name or DN of the Hunt Pilot is displayed on the phones instead of the outside caller ID. This is VERY annoying to our users. Does anyone know of a workaround to display the real outside caller ID? An example call flow if below...


Translation Pattern > Hunt Pilot (Hunt List and Line Groups) > Caller ID of the Hunt Pilot or DN is displayed on the phones in the Line Group instead of the external caller ID

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Hi there, You are most

Hi there,


You are most correct in that this behavior did change with the release of CUCM 8.x Have a look at;


New Service Parameter :  "Display Hunt Pilot Name or DN for Hunt  Group Calls When Alerting"  Default Value : True


Change this to "False" and you should see the display as it used to show :)






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Great!!!! Now, if i could



Now, if i could just find that Parameter! I've on to Service Parameter selected Cisco CM but can't seem to find it. running 9.1

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I've searched all over and

I've searched all over and can't find that option


The default view of the

The default view of the service parameters is condenced. You will have to expand the view by clicking "Advanced"

Here the Path you will have to follow:
System -> Service Parameter -> select Server -> select Cisco CallManager -> A new Page will load -> then click on the "Advanced" button at the top of the page

After this you should be able to see the newly added parameter mentioned by Rob


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Rob, "Display Hunt Pilot Name

Rob, "Display Hunt Pilot Name or DN for Hunt  Group Calls When Alerting"  is not an option in UCM9.1. Any other  options?

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