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Hunt pilot and line group problem

Hi all,

I have a problem of hunt pilot and line group, hope you can help me.

The following are the situation:

Cisco UCM version:7.02

Hunt pilot number: 1000, it point to only one Hunt List (HL1) then it point to one line group (LG1)

the LG1 has 2 DN, 1001 is the first one and 1002 is the second one.

The line group Distribution Algorithm is broadcast and the hunt option is "Try next number, but not to next group" for all the situation.

The problem is when a caller call 1000, it success to brocast to 1001 and 1002, if 1001 pick the call and talking. During this time another caller call 1000,

we expect both 1002 will ring, because 1001 is talking. But 1002 did not ring, the phone just blink for call come in on the line of 1001. (Both 1001 and 1002 phone assign these 3 lines)

However, if 1002 pick the call and talking, 1001 still available, other peoples call 1000, 1001 will ring and the user can pick the call.

Would you please teach me how to config so that both user can ring if the other DN answering the call of 1000.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Terry Chow

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Re: Hunt pilot and line group problem

Hi Terry,

The first thing to check would be under the config for the phones that

have 1001 and 1002 on them. Go to Device>Phone>Directory Number Config>

Line Settings for this Device — Changes affect only this device>Ring Setting

(Phone Active) and make sure that you are set to Ring not Flash Only.



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Re: Hunt pilot and line group problem

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your reply, both of the phone assigned 3 lines (1000, 1001 and 1002) when I check the 1000 line, both of them are set as Use System Default.

And the most strange is if 1001 answering the call for 1000, other peoples call 1000, 1002 will not ring. But if 1002 answering the call for 1000, as the same time another peoples call 1000, 1001 will ring.

Also, if 1001 answering the call for 1000 and some other peoples call 1000, 1002 phone will blink the line 1001 has call.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Terry Chow

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Re: Hunt pilot and line group problem


From what I understand you have 2 IP Phones with the following DNs configured:




You also have a Hunt Pilot of 1000 with a Line Group containing DNs 1001 and 1002, right?

Questions for you:

1.  Is the Hunt Pilot 1000 in a different partition than the DN 1000 configured on the phones?

2.  If the answer to #1 is No - then is there a need to have the Hunt Pilot configured on the physical phones?

3.  What DN are you calling the 1000 HP from?

I believe it goes against Cisco best practices to use shared lines (or it's not recommended at the very least) in hunt groups.  I've also never seen where the HP is also configured on the physical lines of a phone as well.

If I am misunderstanding your situation, I apologize, but here are some recommendations nonetheless:

1.  Remove the 1000 DN from the phones

2.  Create 2 more DNs (1003 and 1004)  (if these 2 aren't available, any DN will do, but you don't want to use shared lines)

3.  Assign these two new DNs to only 1 of the phones, removing the 1000, 1001 and 1002 DNs.

4.  Add the 1003 and 1004 DNs to the LG

When a call comes in destined for 1000 - the 4 lines will ring (1001 - 1004).  You have no shared lines and shouldn't have any issues.

Hope this helps


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Re: Hunt pilot and line group problem

Dear Emilio,

Thank you for your help, to answser your question,

1) No, all these 3 lines are in the same partition

2) There are 3 lines configured on 2 phones, DN 1001 - 1002, I am not sure the reason, but may be the users need to answer the call for others, such as 1002 user help to answer 1001 call when the user is off.

3) The HP 1000 is a hotline for public users, that is call from public phones.

For your solution, I have few questions:

1) the DN 1001 and 1002 is already using by the users and their phone number is already known by other peoples, it is difficult to change for them.

2) you said there will have only one DN in each phone, for example, the phone will only have 1003 or 1004, is it mean that if the caller call 1001 or 1002, they will not ring? And if 1001 and 1002 are not assign to any other phone, how can the phone ring when caller call HP 1000?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Terry Chow

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