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Hunt Pilot Call Forwarding

Hi All

we have a UCM 5.1 with this situations:

we have a single PSTN phone number pointing at a Hunt Pilot with some DN under it

i'm asked to do this: at least one user in the line group should be able to enable and disable the transfert of hunt pilot incoming call to an external Cell Number..

any one knows if this is possibile?

thanks a lot



Re: Hunt Pilot Call Forwarding

One possibility is that you'd have to allow one user access to go into the ccmadmin page and forward the hunt pilot to that cell number. You could set the forward hunt no answer to the cell number including any prefix's you need to dial out. Then set the CSS of the forward hunt no answer to be a CSS that will be allowed to call out to the PSTN.

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Re: Hunt Pilot Call Forwarding

it'd be wonderful if i could do this.. unfortunately my users are somehow "legacy": they had an old pbx so they used to forward calls by pressing some buttons on the "main" phone... i think it would be almost impossible to give them access to the ucm interface... :(

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Re: Hunt Pilot Call Forwarding

Hi Marco,

If you can't offer the good choice the Chad gave us then you could move the existing Hunt Pilot DN to a centrally located IP Phone that "front ends" (via Call Forward All) the existing Hunt Group. The calls to this DN will still reach the Hunt Pilot but will be controlled by the newly created phone's CFWDALL setting:)

So, for example, if one of your Hunt Pilot DN's is 5000. Take 5000 and move it to become the phone DN and create a new Hunt Pilot DN of 2100 (with the same Line Group Members). On the new phone set the Call Forward All to 2100 during working hours and to the externel Cell # when required. When a call comes in via 5000 the call will be routed according to the CFWDALL setting to either the Hunt or Cell#.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Hunt Pilot Call Forwarding

I've also worked with Partitions and schedules.

You could create a time period/time schedule for business day and another one for nights/weekends.

You then would create two partitions, i.e: “SupportDays” with the business day schedule, and “SupportNights” with the nights and weekends schedule.

After that, you could modify the hunt pilot “5000” partition to be Support Days.

Then, you can create a translation pattern “5000” in SupportNights partition that translates to a call to a mobile phone. You have to provide a calling search space that allows for calls to mobile phones (and without FAC) for this pattern.

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