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Hunt Pilot number displaying on phone when called

I'm trying to see if there's a way to have the number that was dialed display on the users phone when someone dials a main number which is a Hunt Pilot. Example: I have a phone with a single line of 5555, I have a main number that is a Hunt Pilot of 9000 and the 5555 is in a line group that when the 9000 number is dialed rings. What I would to do is be able to tell if someone is calling my number 5555 directly or is the call coming in on 9000, is this possible?


Re: Hunt Pilot number displaying on phone when called

IF your extension is the same extension in the hunt group, I do not think it is possible. Becaue when you call a hunt group it is handing the call off to the extension. My recommendation is to create a separate extension on the phone. Place that one in the hunt group and remove 5555. If the call comes in on the new extension, then you now it is in the hunt group. You can also, create call pickup on hunt groups, but it depends on what version of CM you are running.

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Re: Hunt Pilot number displaying on phone when called

Configure a CTI Route-Point with the number 9000. Configure the Alerting name and so suff, Do a cfw from 9000 to 9001.

The hunt-pilot has now the 9001. In the Hunt-Pilot there is the 5555.

When now somebody calls the 9000 the 5555 see in the cli cfw from 9000 and a name when you configure it.


Re: Hunt Pilot number displaying on phone when called

David pretty much nailed it.

This is what i had to do with a previous 5.x install, for displaying a text so that people can distinguish if its a personal call or hunt group call. During the alerting state, you will see Forwarded For

Also remember that by default CTI route point DN names are not displayed on IP phones. This is controlled by service parameter, Display CTI Route Point Name or DN. . This parameter is false by default. Change this to true.

Again this was the setting on a 5.1 Callmanager server. Not sure what the status of this parameter is in 4.x. Havent played with a 4.x system in last 6 months..Too many 5.x deployments these days



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