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Hunt Pilot Point & Voicemail


I've been asked by a group here about setting up a toll free number that rings at the desk of several users. During business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST), calls should come and ring at the desks of 3 users. If they are not available, the calls should go to voicemail. After business hours, (Mon-Fri, 5pm-9am EST & weekends), calls should go directly to voicemail. They are expecting a decent call volume (~50) calls per day on this toll free number.

This is what  is currently set up:
- 1-800 # points to a hunt pilot point
- There are 3 directory numbers configured as the hunt group members
- Each of the 3 users in this group at work has each hunt group member DN on their phone
- If nobody picks up  any of these numbers, the call forwards to a Unity call handler configured with the "day greeting"
- The call handler has  a schedule on it. Day greeting from 9am-5pm, Mon-Friday & night greeting  from 5pm-9am EST
     - When the schedule sees 5:00PM, it forwards to a second call handler configured with the "night greeting"
     - These call handlers transfer the calls to a subscriber mailbox
- Alternate extensions are set up in the subscriber mailbox so users get the MWI
Everything works  fine but now they're complaining that at 5:00, they want incoming calls to go  DIRECTLY to the call handler- not ring through the hunt setup. They threw this  latest wrinkle on me just this morning.
I was thinking that  I could point the 1-800 # to a shared DN. On this shared DN & use this DN to  forward all calls to the hunt pilot. For the night greeting, these users could  use the CFwdAll button for the shared DN to point to the Unity call handler. My  concern with this though is that if we have significant call volume, that shared  DN might get overloaded/busy out. Is that a reasonable  concern?
I heard something about a translation profile but I haven't poked around with them at  all. I'm trying to keep this config as simple as possible but not sure how well  I'm doing since I'm in some new territory.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Hunt Pilot Point & Voicemail

Configure TOD for that purpose.

You can configure a CTI RP with CFA to VM and calls will reach Unity directly.



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Re: Hunt Pilot Point & Voicemail

Hi there,

Just to add a touch to the good info from my friend Java (+5 J-Man)

I always like the KISS principle as well. As for your concern about the "shared line"

it will not get congested/busy if you set the Busy Trigger to a high enough number.

maybe try 10 for starters. Don't forget that CFWDALL can only be set from the Primary

line (Line button 1) on an IP Phone, so keep this in mind.

This could also work using ToD (Time of day Routing) like java nicely noted,

why don't you go through this excellent presentation on Time of Day Routing

(it includes a great step by step and examples);

Hope this helps!


PS:If you have trouble opening it try using Mozilla

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