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Hunt Pilots and Voice Mail


Our system is made of CUCM 9.1 and CUC 9.1.

External Calls are directed into the CUC to provide menus trought call handlers.

What I want to do is :

Send a Hunt Pilot to a different voice mail than his own number while beeing able to transfer to  that hunt-pilot number when in menus.

I would like to know if this is a good way to deal with it and if I could use this method to remove my Voice Mail Profiles and Alternates Extension.


Hunt Pilot #1000 rings :#1001 and #1002. If no answer --> send to voicemail #1111 (which is also a DN)

I would normally add a alternate extension(1000) to user #1111.

But the problem is that when an external call comes in, he can dial 1000 to be transfered.

Since I added it as an alternate extension, it uses the transfer rule of #1111 which needs to stay 1111. So it doesn't ring on the HP #1000.

When 1111 is dialed , it needs to go to its own phone or voice mail.

My solution was to create a call handler with the hunt pilot number.(1000)

Use it with the transer rules to 1000. And use the Standard Greeting with "nothing" and use the "After Greeting" to send it directly in the voicemail of User #1111.

Internal dial 1000 --> Hunt Pilot no answer --> Send to unity Pilot --> Call Handler 1000 send to Standard Greeting then to User #1111 Voice Mail.

External Dial 1000 --> Call Handler 1000 uses Transfer rules #1000 -> Release to Switch(CUCM) --> Hunt Pilot 1000

With a small template, it takes about 10 secs to configure. I would like to use this as a standard to deal with Redirected VoiceMail instead of having to configure both VoiceMail Profile and Alternate Extension.

Is this a good way to deal with them or did I forget a situation where I will absolutly need an alternate extension/voicemail profile.

Isael Harvey

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