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hunt point forward


I have a ccm 5.1 and unity 5.0 and a cisco 2821 gateway .

my corp has a call center , there have four extentions, I make a scheme on

Unity server, it will ring at the working time , and it will prompt the voice message when no working time , on the router 2821, I made a rule :

/0105806xxxx/ /7050/ , the xxxx is a number ,I am sorry to hide it . the number 7050 is a hunt point in CCM server , and the CTI route point number is 7050 also. and the member of 7050 is the four extentions 5302,5303,5304,5305)

Now is the question : when all the agent have lunch , can they forward the input call to their mobil phone ? I try it but failed , I disconnect other extention's

network cable only left 5302 , when I dial 0105806xxxx using my mobil phone

,but it ring the extention 5302 yet , who can tell me how can I do when all the agent have lunch ? The function can be supported by CCM ?


Re: hunt point forward

If you have Attendant Console configured, and the lines are in a hunt group, then you could configure Call Forward Busy to the next member of the Hunt Group and Call Forward No Answer to the cell phone. The AC hunt group only checks for busy. If CM detects a CFNA and redirects to the cell phone, it will not pull it back. The configured forwarding for the cell phone, assuming it is registered with the CM, would then be in effect.

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Re: hunt point forward

Hi Irisrios:

Thanks for your reply , what mean the "Attendant Console configured" ? Is it a configuation or a server (IPCC) ? I have only CCM and Unity server for my corp. And I am a new man :)

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Re: hunt point forward

it's a config

Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console

you can easily find documentation by searching on CCO



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