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hunt problem

Hi All

I have setup a hunt group as follows:

ephone-hunt 2 sequential

pilot 7828151

list 1400, 1401, 1402

timeout 10

final 600

If i call this hunt group from an internal extention say 1405 then it works as intended.

However if I call it from outside (the pilot number is a registered sip account with my sip provider)then the call comes in and rings on the first phone in the list for 10 seconds but then does not start ringing the next phone in the list.

At this point all phone stop ringing!

The strange thing is the caller continues to hear ringing and it will ring forever (i.e. it doesn't go to the final number either).

Any ideas?

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Re: hunt problem


Beside that I don't know if cisco officially supports ephone-hunt from sip, it is possible that the router is trying to send some sip transfer messages and thing gets messed up.

Which IOS are you using ?

Can you collect "term mon" and "debug ccsip message", aftr configuring "service timestamps debug datetime msec" please.

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Re: hunt problem

Attached debug ccsip all

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Re: hunt problem

Hi Antony,

CCME is sending "temporarily not available" after 10 seconds and that ends the call.

Could you try 12.4(11)XJ3 and configure:

voice service voip

no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily

That is the setting to make transfer work with SIP carriers. Honestly I don't know if may work with ephone-hunt, but one always hope :)

NB: you may want to avoid the failed registration attempts configuring "no-reg" on ephones and "no sip-register" on DP POTS.

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Re: hunt problem

12.4(11)XJ3 not available for my platform - so I tried 12.4(15) which has the command you mention.

However it still fails to hunt properly.

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