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HuntGroup Log in/Log out


Playing arround with a huntgroup consisting out of one hunt list and one line group. Line group has several lines, which are actual lines on just one phone device profile.

What I would like to accomplish is that an "huntgroup agent" can make it self available by logging in to a huntgroup using extension mobility and then during office hours play arround with the huntgroup log in / log out phone button function.

When used, one (and the only one) agent is logged in using extension mobility, but logged out using huntgroup log out, the caller hears a fast busy. The tracefiles indicate a huntgroup line exaustion. Even when having FNA/FB on the huntgroup configured (which works great in all other scenario) I can't get this to work. I would expect that when all agents have logged out from the huntgroup using the phonebutton FNA/FB would kick in to route calls to an IVR or a like.

Running UCM6.1

Any thoughts ?



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Re: HuntGroup Log in/Log out

Use the show voice-huntgroup and show voice-huntgroup brief commands to display hunt group configuration information for all voice hunt groups in a Cisco CME system. Use the show voice-huntgroup tag command to display data regarding a specific hunt-tag configuration created by the voice hunt-group command. Use the longest-idle, parallel, peer, or sequential keywords to display data regarding a specific type of voice hunt group configuration created by the voice hunt-group command.

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