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Hunting between clusters CCM 4.1(3)sr5b

I have a question concerning using a hunt group that hunts extensions between clusters. Now according to the doc on

it says that most features do not extend beyond a single cluster, but I am looking for some ideas and outside of the box thinking to possibly make this work.

We have come up with some ideas but they all consist of adding "phantom DNs" and cfwdall to other extensions, but this just starts getting too messy. Open to other ideas...Thanks


Re: Hunting between clusters CCM 4.1(3)sr5b

The phantom DN's and cfwdall was what came to mind, but also thought about IPCC Express. This is me just thinking outside of the box. I have not tested it, but seems possible. You might be able to create a script in IPCC that could forward to one extension (Hunt Group) and set a timeout interveral and then go to anther extension that could be a route pattern over a intercluster trunk connection to the other cm cluster. Just a thought again I'm just thinking outside of the box. Its worth a try.

Maybe someone can provide a better idea...

Re: Hunting between clusters CCM 4.1(3)sr5b

Thanks for the insight but we don't want the call going through IPCC. We have just decided to use a hunt group per location and not go across the trunk.

Creating the group though is giving me a headache. I have created a group-list-pilot. My issue is the configuration on the pilot concerning the hunt forward settings. I have set the maximum timer to 15 seconds and set the Forward Hunt no Answer and Forward Hunt Busy to an extension in CCM. I then have that extension cfwd all to VM. My issue is that after the timer expires it goes to a default call handler in Unity. I have looked at the config in unity specifying the default call transers. Its as if the extension is fowarding to unity but not giving unity a DN to transfer to.

Below is an excerpt from cisco

Ability to divert to a final forwarding location when a hunt list terminates, either through exhaustion or expiration of its maximum hunt timer. This location may be a dialed number (voicemail pilot, another hunt pilot, a route pilot, or any allowed dialed number) or a checkbox to select personal treatment based on settings for the original called party's line.

I feel as if I am meeting this requirement

Re: Hunting between clusters CCM 4.1(3)sr5b

After banging my head against the wall for a while, I took a break and came back. I changed the Forward Hunt no Answer and Forward Hunt Busy to the Hunt Pilot of the VM Ports. I then changed the subscriber VM box in Unity to the extension of my pilot and voila...It worked!

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