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Hunting group issue


We are having issues with 1 hunting group that has 2 phones in it.

We have just two extensions in that hunting group but the call just get to one of these ip phones.

Both ip phones are different models. 1 is a 7942 and the othe is a 7965. The first member of the hunting is the 7965 but the call does not ring in that phone, the call goes directly to the 7942. I changed the 7945 for a 7942 phone and then the hunting group works fine.

I also made a test using the 7965, the 7942 plus an ip communicator as a member of the hunt and the call went fine to the 7942 and the ip communicator but never went to the 7965.


Have any one has faced this behavior?



Cisco Employee

Hellowhat is the alogrithm


what is the alogrithm you are using for this HG. Do you have CCM traces captured for this problem.



Nadeem Ahmed

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Hello . The algorithm is top

Hello .


The algorithm is top down and I do not have ccm traces. But it looks strange that the hinting does not work with different models. I will collect the ccm traces.

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Line groups dont point to

Line groups dont point to phones they point to DNs, what if you put the DN that does not ring onto another phone does it work?  What if you call the DN directly does it ring?


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Sorry Chris, probably I did

Sorry Chris, probably I did not explain it correctly.

The line group is actually pointing to DNs. When I say that I used another phone I was using the same DN. The issue is that the hunting works with same phone models using the same DN (7965 with dn 2 was replaced with 7942 with DN 2) and the other member is another 7942 with DN 1.

Using both members of the line group with the same model of ip phones it work fine. Replacing 1 of the members with an ip phone 7965 this one did not ring. (The DN 2 associated just to one ip phone).



New Member

Sorry guys. The model of the

Sorry guys. The model of the pone that is not working is 7975.

I made a test using 2 7975 and none of them ring. When I dial the hunt pilot I got a busy signal and the call manger said that the resource was not available.

Could it be a restriction using 7975 ip phones for line groups?



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