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i need help regarding this scenario(PATTING iSSUE)

my scenario as follwing

i have integrated my cisco network with core switch 4500 series with access GEPON with  core called OLT and End device called ONT which through ip phones connected through as shown in the attached diagram

the issue

the device (ONT) Perform Patting which means that multi ip phone behind the ONT have single ip to register in cisco callmanager which causes some issues with on way communication or sometimes no voice heared

my question is if sip end point is used (ipphone ) can the cisco call manager act as sip proxy which means it can intercept the RTP to differentiate between RTP streams if yes how it would be in the sccp phone be done or i have to use external device like session border controller

i need help the OLT provider simulate this scenario with another sip server which has RTP relay option and it works fine i ask if its exist in cisco call manager or any recommended device to be added to the scenario ........... urgent help will be appreciated

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i need help regarding this scenario(PATTING iSSUE)

What kind of phones are you using?  I am not familiar with OLT and dont really understand the benefit of using it vs. registering directly to CUCM.  Can you elaborate on your solution?

And the short answer would be that no CUCM would not be able to serve here as a proxy


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i need help regarding this scenario(PATTING iSSUE)

let me clarify

this project access layer it depends on GEPON Technology as access layer

as follwing the voice vlan in range

ONT works as fowwing it has WAN interface which take ip from the previous range and all ip phones behind the ont as in the diagram using PAT on the ONT going out to the newtork with the same ip of the wan interface let me give u an example

ONT wan interface ip

ipphone 1 (SIP) ip

ipphone 2(sip) ip

cisco sccp ip because the ont made PATTING to inside ipphones

the issue in the follwing scenario is that  call manager cannot differentiate between them ,is it require something to differenate between the ip phones like sip proxy or session border controller ???? or what is the recomended to make or add any device and the GPON provider test this scenario with brekee ip pbx software with feature called RTP relay and he sucesseded in calling each other so in cisco call manager what additional thing missing to do???

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Re: i need help regarding this scenario(PATTING iSSUE)

did  recognize the scenario or my point ?

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