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New Member

I simply want to know if I can use a 32 bit TAPI TSP to dial from Outlook

Simple requirements.   I want to to work like it does OOB with my Sugar CRM/Asterik setup:

  1. I have windows 7 64 and outlook 2007
  2. I have Cisco IP communicator install and VoIP to more Cisco stuff
  3. I simple want to use the TAPI "Call Contact" dialog from Outlook to dial (like I can do with my SIP line driver for Skyp, or Asterix or OCS)

I don't care if it is 64 bit (I can use 64Wow).  I just want it to dial.  the lowest requirement of a phone that one could ever image.  JUST DIAL from outlook.  I will worry about all the other stuff later (like Caller ID pop ups, covference, dial park, etc... all the things that my Asterix PBX does just fine and has done fine for 6 years...

As for this.. I just want my new expensive windows 7 laptop and expensive cicso phone/pbx to simply dial a number from my outlook contact list.


Re: I simply want to know if I can use a 32 bit TAPI TSP to dial

It's not supported by Cisco.  It may or may not work.

To get official 64-bit support, please see:


New Member

Re: I simply want to know if I can use a 32 bit TAPI TSP to dial

Him... sounds like a line from a free open source support thread vs. an expensive, closed system vendor that charges me to access to download the TSP/TAPI drivers.  Yes I am sorry for being cynical.  Not nice considering you helped, and thank you.  I just feel like paying customer are getting cavemen tools that we pay for whereas I can download the CRM, PBX, SIP Gateway, ACD and OS for FREE and get a lot more functionality and a working system and all we can get here is "NOt supported".   Gee wiz... am I the only that has decided that this is not appropriate . 

At this point I don't care if it is not supported (I am not getting support anyway).  I just want to know if I ask for and get the TSP/TAPI driver and run it on a 64 bit machine (again, i don't care if it is 32/64) i just want to SIMPLY DIAL A SIP SOFT CLIENT FROM OUTLOOK.  I mean how hard is it to pass by val/reference a 12 digit string?  I mean really?  I guess that is why the Asterix SIP/TAPI driver is free and works great between outlook and Asterix.   There must be a reason whey this is like pulling healthy teeth for no good reason....

Thanks again.  SOrry to be so grumpy, but this is foolish and economically offensive.  I would not be using either product (Windows/Cisco) if it where not for the choose of our IT.  Time to start looking more at open source and Google chrome.  At least I would get some work done and would be able to make a simple phone call from my contact list…. 

Re: I simply want to know if I can use a 32 bit TAPI TSP to dial

Have a look at the free Click to Call widget

This uses Cisco webdialer rather than TAPI but it is free and should allows Click to Call from Outlook

It only officially supports XP (SP2) and Vista but you could try it.

New Member

Re: I simply want to know if I can use a 32 bit TAPI TSP to dial

Cool... Nice catch and interesting "cross over" as that is the way that I have used Skype via call from the CRM browser client.  The "cross over" is from the server API's (services) and browser script, vs. client API's, ala TAPI and the TSP's.   What a crazy world.  And guess who is going to win this one to get me dialing faster!   I still want to get the TSP/TAPI going as things are so much more tightly coupled into the Outlook/CRM integration scenario.  Oh well.   That's a MSFT dilemma... Again, back to Sugar CRM/Asterix... it all worked immediately all from any client that supported the browser.  ANd to make it better all the advanced call handling features where enable OOB, I could camp on a line, break into a line, track history on call, hold, party line, forward, etc... all from UI.   Oh well.  I will try your suggestion and not be willful.  Does Cisco make a CRM system?  U folks should BUY, wrap it all up with more CRM, conferencing and calling features and VIOLA!   HOpe rum and say bye bye to salesforce and dynamics crm (plus sugar, cuz u now have the content)...

So much for my rant.  Thanks!  And if you could point me to the latest Rev of the TCP TAPE (With wave integration) i would like to play around with this "unsupported" configuration.

Ray Casey