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IAD for voice across MPLS

Hello all. I have a question for some of you voice guys. I have asked around on this, but I feel more confident with the knowledge in the Cisco forums. Let me give you a scenerio and then what I think will work, if you will.

CompanyA has a Nortel PBX that does four digit dialing across to a remote site Nortel PBX. Its not VoIP. Here is how it is connected: Nortel PBX --> module in an Adtran CSU/DSU --> Cisco Router --> frame relay circuit --> Cisco Router --> Adtran CSU/DSU module --> Nortel PBX.

What they want to go to: Nortel PBX --> Cisco IAD 2400 --> Cisco MPLS router --> MPLS network --> Cisco MPLS router --> Cisco IAD at remote site --> Nortel PBX.


First, will that solution work?

Second, if the solution works, how does the voice traffic go across a non-channelized MPLS T1?

Third, if the solution works, do I keep my MPLS routers that are in place now, in place, or do they come out and the MPLS connects directly to the IAD?

Fourth, if the MPLS connects directly to the IAD, I guess that means that it would need a fastethernet module for a second ethernet port?

I know this is alot to ask, but I dont feel confident in the resources I have at hand. Thank you for any help you might provide.

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