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Identify Called Number

Hi All

I am using CME 4 and have a need to identify which incoming line is being called - so I have used an translation rule to assign a unique number (eg 100, 101, 102 etc.) to each line - this is great when using call-connector software because the pc can be setup to identify the line with a contact record.

However not all my users have access to a pc - is there anyway to show text on the ip phone instead of the unique number? I thought perhaps if I setup a speed dial using the same unique number i.e. 100 "Head Office" then when 100 called the phone would display "Head Office" but it doesn't.

Does anyone know how I could achive this?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Identify Called Number


Are you using FXO lines, or what type? What type of phones do you have ?

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Re: Identify Called Number

sorry forgot to say didn't I?

At the moment I'm using it on FXO lines, but would also like to get it going on SIP trunks in the future.

Handsets are mixture of 7940 / 7960 and 7970s - again though we'd like to add some 7912s in the future.

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Re: Identify Called Number

To associate a name to the line on which the call is received, use "station-id name ..." under the FXO port. The name should display on the phone.

That assumes that caller-id service is either not present, or does not deliver a name.

If caller-is service is present, and delivers a name also, then is more complicated.

either you overwrite the caller-id name as described above, or you will need to associate the called line/extension to a specific button on the phone, that you have labeled appropriately. The operator will be able to tell which line has been called based on the button line ringing. For this reason, buttonless phones like the 7912 are not apt for such service.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Identify Called Number

I understand that would work for fxo ports but is there any way to do for incoming sip calls?

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Re: Identify Called Number

For SIP calls the only method is to direct the call to a specific line/button of the phone.

If you want more sophisticated handling of calls based on called number, you can use AA-BACD, or at some point of sophistication, look into IPCC solutions.

Thanks for the nice rating and good luck!

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