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Idle screen saver on 7940/7960s..

Hey guys..

I have a question regarding the screen saver on 7940/7960s using an idle uRL pointing to an XML file..

I have managed to get to get our company logo to appear after a period of inactivitiy, however I cant figure out how to get rid of the two softkey options which appear below... Update and Exit..

These two buttons appear to have no use at all, there I would like to remove them and just have the have a idle image ??

Has any managed to do this ??

Any advice would be appreciated.. Thanks.


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Re: Idle screen saver on 7940/7960s..

I have the same problem and users are forced to press the "Exit" softkey in order to answer calls for their associated Call-Pickup Group. When an incoming call comes in, the idle url logo doesn't clear so their "OPickup" softkey can be displayed to answer. I planned on opening a TAC on this, but would like to see if anyone else has encountered and conquered this issue. Please advise if known workaround/fix is available.

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Re: Idle screen saver on 7940/7960s..

Interesting.. Ive not actually rolled this out yet to all the other phones, so I did not know this..

Just tested it and my logo does clear and I get all the correct softkey options when an incoming call comes in..

Would be interested if anyone else has had an similar problems or has managed to remove these two buttons ..


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