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Idle URL overwritten

We have developed a custom ip phone xml service application to display queue and customer information on agent phones. the phone models are 7941s and the application is currently deployed as a service and it runs well as expected.

Currently, the agents' phone Idle Url is configured (through Enterprise Parameter) to display IP Agent statistics screen. What we'd like to do is configure some of the individual phones so that their Idle Url points to our custom application. After setting the Idle Url for some of these agents phones, our custom application screen is displayed only for a few seconds, then the IP Agent screen is displayed, taking over our custom application.

From what i understand, the Idle Url at the individual phone configuration level is suppose to overwrite the Enterprise Parameter settings. So why is it IP Agent service still coming up as the Idle Url? Is there something i missed?


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Re: Idle URL overwritten

Hi Chris,

The fact that the new Idle Url pops for a few seconds leads me to beleive this has something to do with the Idle Url Timer set on the phone config. Can you try tweaking that setting.

Hope this helps!



Re: Idle URL overwritten

Thanks for the update. the idle timer was set to 3 seconds at the phone configuration screen. I'm not sure what the value at enterprise parameter screen is, but whatever it is, isn't the values specified in the phone configuration suppose to overwrite the enterprise parameter values?

Is there anywhere in callmanager that a screensaver-like behavior can be configured? I'm thinking the IP phone Agent service screen is being triggered from elsewhere other than the Idle Url feature.

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