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Impact of unstable or complete loss of connectivity

hi NetPros,

I'd like to have your thoughts on impact of extended period of connectivity loss on the cucm 7.x (5 servers) and unity cluster(two srvrs + exchange msg store) I'm thinking along the following lines, please share your thoughts and correct me where im wrong.

The publisher being the master for changes and the rest replicating from it, in order to keep the pub health kosher, would you recommend powering down of the publisher server till the stability of network connectivity has been restored? or unplugging the ethernet would achieve the same results?

I'd pose the same question for subscribers as well.

For unity, cluster of two servers could be broken down by powering off the redundant server completely, and so as the publisher server, after stable connectivity has been established, publisher to come on first followed by the subscriber server. Not sure about the sequence of shutting down the msg store exchange server though. My intention is to avoid database corruption on any of these servers due to an intermittent or unstable connectivity issues, some of you may already have experienced this, so would love to hear from you or any precautionary measures you would suggest would be appreciated.

I'd also like to know any useful commands one can try after restoration to make sure everything is kosher.


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Re: Impact of unstable or complete loss of connectivity

network connectivity issue will not corrupt a database but sometimes will cause a high cpu/memory utilization. if you shutdown your publisher cucm, your users might not able to do call forwarding from their ip phone or even cancel the forwarding.

you can shutdown your cisco unity server same as the normal windows servers.

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