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New Member

Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

Hi All,

I am looking for an info on the IP Phone models which support IPV6 addressing and the firmware needed. Your

help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,



Re: Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

Hi Kumar,

Phone loads for the 7941/61/42/62.. and on support IPv6 in version 8.4.1 and later.

Hope this is what you're looking for.


New Member

Re: Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

Hi Nic,

Thanks for your help. I had a query regarding VOIP implementation over IPv6. While collecting the information I came to know that C2801 router with

c2801-ipvoice-mz.124-22.T image is capable of supporting VOIP over IPv6. I have few doubts here, it would be much appreciated if you can help me in the same.

1) I got a document on SIP implementation using CME,as far as I know CME does not support IPv6. What is your suggestion on this

2) I got another document which supports IPv6 implementation using SIP on C2801 router with 12(4)22T image, but I cannot see much help with that document. As I am unable to implement SIP alone on the router.

Further help on these doubts will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

A personal curiosity, can you explain what is the practical reason for you to want IPv6 ?

New Member

Re: Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

Hi Nick,

We'd also to start using IPv6 on our Cisco phones. We use the 7945/65/75 phones - do these support IPv6? I see IPv6 Configuration in Network Configuration, but it's greyed out. We're using version firmware 8.4.3

Re: Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

As of now, IPv6 support is on the phones, but not in any of the CUCM 5/6/7 versions.

You will need to run CCM 4.3 on windows 2003 server to have this enabled.

Otherwise, this will be available in CUCM 7.1.1, which is slated to be available in a few months.

This is probably why it is greyed out.



New Member

Re: Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

Thanks Nick. That's very helpful, and it's good to know the phones do Ipv6.

Actually we don't use the phones on CUCM/CCM.

Therefore I imagine we just need the xml tag in sef.cfg.xml that enables IPv6 on the phone. Do you know/is there anywhere we can look up the name of this xml tag to enable IPv6?

Cisco Employee

Re: Implementint VIOP over IPV6.

1) Cisco IP Phones with dual stack  support:
• Third generation Cisco IP Phones running SCCP only :
Cisco  7906G, Cisco 7911G, Cisco 7931G, Cisco 7941G, Cisco 7941GE
Cisco  7942G, Cisco 7945G, Cisco 7961G, Cisco 7961GE, Cisco 7962G
Cisco  7965G, Cisco 7970G, Cisco 7971G-GE, Cisco 7975G

2) Dual Stack SIP trunk

Please  refer to IPv6 and UC - take a look at

3) Please  follow the solutions componets (IP phones, GW etc)  as per the above  document.



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