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Import User error on Unity Connection

I am having a problem Importing a user into Unity Connection on a CUCMBE 6.1(3). After creating a DN and User, I went back to the Directory Number and had mistakenly added the user to Unity Connection using the Related Link: Create Cisco Unity Voice Mailbox.  I then received an error message related to an Object (I do not have that original error message). When I went to Unity Connection to do the User Import, I got this error message: Failed to import users: 8603 (The phone number or extension has already been assigned to some other object).

I have deleted the user and DN in CUCMBE, recreated both and still get the error in CUC when Importing the user.  How can I resolve this?

Any help on this matter would be appreciated.



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Import User error on Unity Connection

TAC issued the following commands on the Unity servers CLI:

run cuc dbquery unitydirdb select objectid from tbl_User WHERE DisplayName='8603'

No records found

utils cuc users bulk_clean_orphans mapentries

                Executed command unsuccessfully

No valid command entered

run cuc dbquery unitydirdb delete from tbl_DtmfAccessId WHERE DtmfAccessId = '8603'

                Rows: 1

The command completed successfully.

Went into CUC and was able to Import user now. Deleting the 8603 user resolved the problem.

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