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Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1

Is there a way to import CDR records into UCM6.1? I have exported CDR Data from a CM4.1(2) that was exported to CSV and would like to get them into UCM6.1, and ultimately export to a billing server. Any creative ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1

Do you have the flat files?

Is there any reason you need to load CDR into ccm and not directly to billing server?

Architecture in CCM 6.x is different, we no longer have CDR DB, we only process CDR files.

'activelog cm/cdr/'

Let us know

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Re: Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1

I can export whatever files I need to from CM4, I just need to know what files and format (if we're doing a SQL export that is).

I can load them to the Billing server repository via FTP, but need them to be in the CM6 format. I've tried comparing the exported formats and there are many similarities, but not exact.


Re: Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1

Ok, putting the files in CUCM 6.x will be no help then. CUCM service writes the files once call is generated, will not format existing|new files

Even when we migrated CUCM using DMA will not keep CDR info, we no longer have CDR DB.

DMA does not migrate CDR data except the records in the CAR database. If you generate CDRs after you have run CDR loader in CAR, DMA does not migrate those CDRs

Format change. Check Dictionary info

Unfortunately, the schema is different between MSSQL and Informix

The only option would be to revert to 4.1 run DMA again select CAR (along with all the other options needed) and then reinstall 6.x again or do it in a different server and that should only allow you read information from CAR.

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Re: Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1

Understood, however I'm thinking there is one possible option... I noticed the format of the data sent from UCM6.x to the billing server has most of the fields from the CDR table in CM4.1 CDR SQL database. I've exported the data from 4.1 to a CSV and am trying to copy/paste data to the appropriate fields in 6.x. There are some field differences, though the data appears non-critical. I'm thinking I can copy certain field data from a 6.x and be in good shape. In the end the client's Billing server needs less that 10 of the fields from the output.


Re: Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1

I can think in your 4.x cluster, copy CDR to CAR DB.

Generate the DMA

Upgrade to 6.X

Once in 6.x Use CAR use Export CDR.

It may give you a file with all records in 6.x format.


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Re: Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1

Title my CDR is gone CUCM 6.1.2


I saw your post on the topic (Importing CDR Records to UCM6.1) dated 9.2.2008 NetPro. You seem to be well versed on this topic.

We just migrated from CM 4.x to CUCM 6.1.2. Every thing seemed to go fine, but we just noticed we have no call records on our SUB Server. We don't have any new records either. BTW… All phones register to the SUB.

The questions are these.

Did we ever have call records on the SUB?

We will have CDR records on the SUB in the future?

Is there a CDR db on the Informix system?

Do we care? Do we need it?

Is there a way to do a simple query on the informix db, like we did in SQL.

Thank You…Tom

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