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Importing users in connection 8.0.3

Hi All, managed to setup new cucm cluster and connection server, all registered OK, calls OK to unity. Managed

to create users individually OK but get a null status when doing an "import users". Checked that a primary extension has been assigned to each user.

The only error I get is a null status when searching for users.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Re: Importing users in connection 8.0.3

There is a bug on CUCM depending on the verison - at least on our CUCM,  on approx 1500- 1600 users- Unity Connection does not import any more- how many users are you trying to import?, try to reduce the number to test

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Re: Importing users in connection 8.0.3

Hi, Just trying 1 user at present.

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Re: Importing users in connection 8.0.3

You probably don't have the integration setup proplery.  In CUCM, make sure you have Unity Connection defined as an Application Server as an ip address and that you have an Application User with 'Standard AXL API Access' as a role associated to the Application Server.  In Unity Connection, make sure that you have the CUCM server defined as an AXL Server in the Phone System and that you have the port set to 8443.

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