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Inbound CAC on an h323 gateway


I am trying to redirect an inbound call at the gateway level on an h323 gateway. The calls come in on a single PRI. What I am trying to do now is use two different inbound dial-peers with the same incoming called-number and the max-conn command. This works fine in the outbound direction however I cant seem to get the call to hunt to the next, lower preference dial-peer for inbound calls. Any ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks for looking!

dial-peer voice 112 pots

max-conn 1

incoming called-number 8165551212



dial-peer voice 113 pots


preference 1

max-conn 2

incoming called-number 8165551212



Re: Inbound CAC on an h323 gateway

On first view i would expect this to work.Have you ran a debug voip dialpeer to see whats going




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Re: Inbound CAC on an h323 gateway

Any thoughts on this? I am truley stumped. Thanks again for looking.

Re: Inbound CAC on an h323 gateway

Id do a debug on the dial peer to see whats going on.

I assume when you tested this, you have one call pegged up and its using dial peer 112.  Then create a second call and then it should hit dial peer 113.

If it does not, the debug dial peer will show this.

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Re: Inbound CAC on an h323 gateway

Thank you both for the reply. Yes we did busy out the first dial-peer.  We did look at the 'debug voip dialpeer' and we see these lines in particular:

Feb  9 14:13:14: %CALL_CONTROL-6-MAX_CONNECTIONS: Maximum number of connections reached for dial-peer 112

Feb  9 14:13:14: ISDN Se0/1/0:23 Q931: TX -> RELEASE_COMP pd = 8  callref = 0x8473
        Cause i = 0x80AF - Resource unavailable, unspecified

I guess I just assumed it would hunt to the next dial-peer at this point. Any ideas why its not? I have attached the full result of the debug in case you are interested. Thanks for the help! Nathan

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