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Inbound Calling name with UCM 6.1

We have UCM 6.1 and are using h.323 for gateways. When I do a debug ISDN q931 on gateway I see calling name coming into our system. But when call is presented to ip phone, only calling number appears. How do I get calling name to pass from gateway to UCM 6.1. We use 4 digit extensions, and telco is sending last for digits which match our 4 digit extensions.

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Re: Inbound Calling name with UCM 6.1

A closer look reveals that calling name is being sent in the Facility IE instead of Display IE.

Am I correct that unless Telco sends calling Name in the Display IE I will not be able to get calling name on IP phone?


Cisco Employee

Re: Inbound Calling name with UCM 6.1

HI Victor,

CallManager interprets calling name information (for purposes of name display on IP phones registered with CUCM) only in the Display IE of the H.323 Setup and Notify messages. Name display information delivered in an H.323 Facility message is not interpreted by CUCM.

As of 12.4.11XW IOS gateways can be configured so that when the calling name comes in the Facility Information Element (IE) of the ISDN setup message, the gateway will send that calling name to the CallMaager as a Display IE.

After upgrading to this version or later, configure the gateway with these commands:

router#config t


!- System based configuration


router(conf-serv-h323)#h225 display-ie ccm-compatible

!- Interface Configuration

router(config-class)#int s0/2/0:23

router(config-if)#isdn supp-service name calling

Please refer to this documentation:

Hope this helps.



Re: Inbound Calling name with UCM 6.1

now thats a good post! Plus 5 for that my friend!


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