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inbound calls divert for whole site/region/dp

was wondering if anyone knows a solution for this, what i'm thinking about is; we have our remote sites set up for their own Device Pool and Region as a general rule. What i'd like to be able to do, is in the event of a problem at that site, divert all incoming calls meant for extensions based there, to another site, or annoucement etc. As the main common factor for extensions on a per site basis is Device Pool or region, can anyone think of a way of globally diverting based on this?

Its a Friday afternoon question!!!

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Re: inbound calls divert for whole site/region/dp

I don't know of any way to route calls based on device pool or region. If you have distinct DN ranges at these sites, you could use a translation pattern. For example, if site A has DNs 5001-5099, you could create a translation pattern of 50XX and translate any call to that range to another DN. This could also be done with a translation rule on an H.323 gateway.

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Re: inbound calls divert for whole site/region/dp

How about the follwing

Translations-The DN`s at the two sites will need something to make then unique - maybe description field.

Normal Op - Dial the DN at Site B the call is routed as an internal call. what you want to do is to route the call out via PSTN

Create 2 x Partition called PSTN_TO_SITE_B , WAN_DOWN....

Create a TP for the DN`s at Site B and translate them to their PSTN

Site B extension 45xx- Normal DDI 121055545xx

Add a TP 45xx

Partition "PSTN_TO_SITE_B......"

Add a translation to 121055545xx

Ensure that no-one has either Partition in their CSS so it is not active

Use BAT to identify Site B users via the description I mentioned

Modify only Site B users normal Partition and change then to WAN_DOWN........,

Now change the Partition in the newly created TP for 45xx to the partition you normal assigned to Site B users

Now when Site A users dial the 45xx extension which points to the new TP and is translated to Site B`s DDI

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