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inbound dial-peer not matched correctly

we have a gateway with the following configuration:

dial-peer voice 100 pots

incoming called-number .


dial-peer voice 88 pots

trunkgroup ATT

description outbound Dialpeer for Tapestry

destination-pattern 889T

forward-digits 10

So, in theory if a call with DNIS 8890  hits the gateway, dial-peer 100 will be matched as "incoming called-number" has priority over

over the  answer-address  and  destination-pattern.

However, we made a test call  (with DNIS 8894), we saw the inbound dial-peer 88 is used:

xxxxxx#sh voice call status

CallID     CID  ccVdb      Port        Slot/DSP:Ch  Called #   Codec    MLPP Dial-peers

0xB2BD     247E 0x219E6FEC 0/0/0:23.9       0/1:1   8894       g711ulaw 100/88

0xB2BE     247E 0x22051AB0 0/1/0:23.1       0/1:2  *8894       g711ulaw  88/100   

1 active call found

So is this a bug?


Re: inbound dial-peer not matched correctly

To me it looks like your hair-pinning the call.

First call leg
0xB2BD 247E 0x219E6FEC 0/0/0:23.9 0/1:1 8894 g711ulaw 100/88
This is the incoming call, that hits incoming DP 100 and uses DP 88 in the outbound direction.

Second call leg
0xB2BE 247E 0x22051AB0 0/1/0:23.1 0/1:2 *8894 g711ulaw 88/100
Outbound on another B channel, inbound DP is 88 and outbound is DP 100.

If you do a debug voip ccapi inout you would probably see that pretty clearly.

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Re: inbound dial-peer not matched correctly

Like Roger says, looks like hairpinning, in fact that single call is using 2 B-channels on your BRI.

what have you got configured under dial-peer 88's

trunkgroup ATT    ?????

are you pointing it back out to your BRI?

full config please

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inbound dial-peer not matched correctly

Please post "debug voice dialpeer".


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