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Incoming call detail reports?

Is there a way to run a report that would show date/time/duration of calls from a specific number? I have a manager asking for this to be ran for a week, or a months length of time. The manager is wanting to see the amount of incoming calls from a specific number, and the duration of the calls.

I've looked around and find a report for "Malicious Calls". Is this what I need? If so, can someone point me in the direction of how to enter the incoming number of interest?

We have:

Cisco Call Manager System

Version 4.2(1)sr1

CDR Analysis and reporting

version 4.2(0.015.000)


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Re: Incoming call detail reports?

Hi Nat

Unless you're good with SQL querrying, then you will have to do it manually. I was tasked with the same job, and built my own report manually. Login to CDR Analysis and Reporting. I'm using version 4.0(5) System Reports>>Traffic>>Extension

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Re: Incoming call detail reports?

Jalston, thank you for the reply and info.

I was fortunate in knowing, this time, the calls occurred on IPCC agent lines, and was able to find a couple of nice reports from Cisco CRA Historical Reports.

Detailed Call, CSQ, Agent Report

Detailed Call by Call CCDR Report

Both reports allowed searching by the specific outside number of interest.



If anyone knows of an easy way to search all non-IPCC calls for record details on a specific telephone number, whether it's being called, or is incoming, please let me know.

We get requests like this, from time to time, as managers investigate reports of employees spending too much time on personal calls.


Re: Incoming call detail reports?


We had the similar requirement. We created a SQL DTS package from CCM to our SQL server, and then developed a MS SQL reporting services module to do call accounting. Based on "OriginalCallingPartyNumber" field of CDR database

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Re: Incoming call detail reports?

Raj, Thank you for your reply and information.

I'll share something exciting (as far as reports go). I found my way to a report that neatly lists all outgoing and incoming calls records. This report shows:


-Call details:

Orig. Time

Term. Time

Duration (in seconds)

-Orig. Gateway (shows DN, or outside number)

-Destination (shows outside number, or DN)

It's found in CDR Analysis:

DEVICE REPORTS>Gateway>Detail.

I selected a gateway, left the Route Patterns/Hunt Pilots field blank, set dates and time, selected CSV format, and clicked on OK.

A nice report downloaded, but didn't allow for sorting. I copied it over to an excel spreadsheet which does allow sorting.

This report on our system doesn?t seem to allow for more than 417 call records, due to exceeding limits set. But, what it shows is great information. And, it's EASY. :)

I'm not sure if running this report during business hours stresses the overal phone system. (Maybe that's why it has the limit set)

If anyone sees in "red flags" in what I'm relaying, please enlighten me.

I'm so glad you all are out there. This board is a great resource.


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