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Incoming calls goes to a different extension- Environment: CCM 4.1 and ICM

Hi all,

  Have a problem here. We have two Cisco 7960 phones at our reception with primary extension 3970 (Shared between the two phones). We have 18 lines in each 7960. Line 9 (Directory Number: 3989) and 10 (Directory Number: 3990) of these are for one of our clients and we would like to receive calls on those lines (which indicate the client's name) when these extensions are dialed. Out of these when dialing 3989 the calls goes to line 9 correctly. When we dial 3990 the calls lands in 3970 and indicates it as a call for reception. This makes the receptionist to say our generic welcome message that confuses the calling party who is after our client. I shall give some details here on technicalities that we have looked at (in vain of course!!):

1) 3989 and 3990 are assigned to two different partitions with both desinged to forward to the other when busy. But the problem occurs even before 3989 is busy. i.e. calling 3990 anytime goes to 3970 (Configured as line 3 and the primary extension of the two 7960's). The is rightly configured and have verified that.

2) 3989 and 3990 both have an external phone number mask say 91112356 an example inbound number. This number's Translation pattern configuration points to a Called Party Transform Mask of 3889 which is configured as a CTI route point that is associated with an ICM script that plays an "Out of Business Hours Message" after 6PM each day.

3) I have checked our route patterns, the phone's call forward settings to see if 3990 is linked to 3970 somewhere implicitly- but couldn't find anything of that sort.

Just getting confused on how a similarly configured 3989 goes to line 9 and when calling 3990 the calls hits 3970 everytime without fail. Can someone help us on this please?

Prasanna Chandrasekaran.

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